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Matt Margo | 3 poems

mobile television (a) the stars freezing non vodka non lemon twist neither either/or nor ether airship international animal tracking basics akimbo a purple pencil in her sight and in her inner hand peach tea tree leaves sunlight simulating transition first published at UndergroundBooks.org Where is the blue Where is the blue lagoonWhere is the blue … Continue reading Matt Margo | 3 poems

Loretta Diane Walker | 3 poems

Last Thursday The sky is a woman. Silent now. Her old stories are written in the constellations. She stares in the white pond of moon, a dark turban of night on her head. Complexity is her mirror. Of all the wonders of this world, she is the most ancient of mysteries. She can cleanse the … Continue reading Loretta Diane Walker | 3 poems

Cindy Huyser | 3 poems

The beauty is in your mouth where all things are Starting with a line from Julie Choffel’s “The Beauties” The beauty is in your mouth where all things are— queer tongue ruddering its language in the river of your breath, stepping stone molars’ grindstone topography, their cider press promise. Language of the deep and shallow … Continue reading Cindy Huyser | 3 poems

Kyle Flak | 3 poems

Normal Stupid Moon normal stupid moon just rising up above a normal stupid tree karate chop to the heart deluxe turbo vacuum cleaner to the soul really great fun new christmas movie to the eyes wow, thanks a lot normal stupid moon you really made my day / night / whatever Hello. I Think You … Continue reading Kyle Flak | 3 poems

Cathryn Cofell | 3 poems

Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear           inspired by Xu Bing’s Background Story As in the blue fish fleeing capture is blue Wal-Mart As in the lost lake or dry plantation is cornhusk or hemp As in telephone poles or dead trees or crosses are toothpicks or t-pins As in the rose … Continue reading Cathryn Cofell | 3 poems

Scott Wiggerman | 3 poems

Life on the West Rim To the north, Sangre de Cristo peaks are white as doves. To the east, the Sandias gather in detail, shadows fanning out like wings to reveal age-old creases. To the south, the Manzanos are a pigeon-gray outline like the city down below, shrouded in morning haze. But to the west … Continue reading Scott Wiggerman | 3 poems