Author: Kenneth P. Gurney


Hullo Readers The poet threads/chains have dwindled from twenty down to two threads/chains, even with starting new threads/chains by inviting more new poets. So, I decided to bring the invitation process and Watermelon Isotope to a halt.  Over the next few weeks I will regroup and think things through on whether to keep Watermelon Isotope … Continue reading Hiatus

Matt Margo | Interveiw

Kenneth P. Gurney. Tells us how you started in poetry? What age? Matt Margo. I think that I was eight or nine years old when I started writing poetry. I remember playing an old desktop computer game that was similar to Arkanoid or Brick and deciding to write a poem based on the name of … Continue reading Matt Margo | Interveiw

Matt Margo | 3 poems

mobile television (a) the stars freezing non vodka non lemon twist neither either/or nor ether airship international animal tracking basics akimbo a purple pencil in her sight and in her inner hand peach tea tree leaves sunlight simulating transition first published at Where is the blue Where is the blue lagoonWhere is the blue … Continue reading Matt Margo | 3 poems

Loretta Diane Walker | 3 poems

Last Thursday The sky is a woman. Silent now. Her old stories are written in the constellations. She stares in the white pond of moon, a dark turban of night on her head. Complexity is her mirror. Of all the wonders of this world, she is the most ancient of mysteries. She can cleanse the … Continue reading Loretta Diane Walker | 3 poems

Notes | 29 April 2017

Poetry and literary websites that are new to me: borrowed solace (USA) Ellis Review (USA) Figroot Press (USA) Out of Many Magazine (USA) Rambutan Literary (USA) Succor Press Journal (USA) Tunnel (USA) Sanford Goldstein International Tanka Constest (USA) $$$ Please take time to read and then follow all submission guidelines. Some publications have demographic or … Continue reading Notes | 29 April 2017