Watermelon Isotope. That is the name of this poetry website originating in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. The origin of its title is from Sandia which is Spanish for  watermelon. And Isotope represents all the atomic study in New Mexico and the idea that two things can be the same but different. It is only a coincidence that our local triple-A baseball team is named the Isotopes.

photo of Kenneth P. Gurney by Dianne Schlies

Editor. My name is Kenneth P. Gurney and I am an Albuquerque poet, who has been involved with poetry since 1993.  To view my publishing credits visit my personal website.

My goal is to bring together diverse poetry from the greater Albuquerque area, the state of New Mexico, and from other parts of the country and world. I intend to include poems, interviews, and once a week postings of interest to me poetry related or not.

Submissions. Are by invitation only. I plan to ask the posted poets to provide a poet recommendation and create several poet-threads in this manner that lead to poets outside of New Mexico and the USA.  When a thread runs out (a poet does not respond or declines), I will start a new thread.

Poets will be asked to submit 3 of their favorite poems that they wrote in the previous 12 months, to fill out a set of interview questions, supply a 3rd person bio and a jpg photo.

Poets retain all rights to their work. When a poet submits, they grant Watermelon Isotope the right to display and archive the poems on the website, and the right to use the poem in the future for a Best Of Watermelon Isotope hardcopy edition.