Hullo Readers

The poet threads/chains have dwindled from twenty down to two threads/chains, even with starting new threads/chains by inviting more new poets. So, I decided to bring the invitation process and Watermelon Isotope to a halt.  Over the next few weeks I will regroup and think things through on whether to keep Watermelon Isotope going with a different process or simply declare the project complete.

I am not interested in creating a Duotrope listing and taking submissions.  My reason is that I used that process in the past with Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry (a defunct webzine I edited) and in no time I was reading 2000-2400 poem submissions per month for a 48 page pdf e-publication.  That is way too big a chunk of time and effort for me to want to return to that process.  Secondly, that is too many rejection notices for one person to issue per month and maintain their joyous humanity.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this project with poetry and interview answers.  The threads/chains extend from Albuquerque to the east, west, gulf and north coasts.  Cool. (No international poets—bummer.) I got to read poets who I would never had introduction to or contact with otherwise.  Also, all the recommendations of poetry books to explore…Wow!

FYI. The longest thread/chain was six poets.  One other reached five poets.

Last, but not least, I want to thank all the readers.  Several of you are from outside the USA and that fact gives me a thrill.

Love and Light



5 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear of the hiatus, Kenneth. I have some Scottish poets in mind if you start up again. By the way, Billy Brown read your poem to close out the Trumped launch.


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  2. Hi Ken

    I have enjoyed Watermelon Isotope and want to thank you for doing this. I’m fine with getting a poet feature every couple of weeks. I posted some on the Poetry Playhouse page but April was insanely busy for me. I am going to read the ones I missed (that are still in my email box) this next month. Whatever you decide, keep up the good work.

    Jules Nyquist Founder, Jules Poetry Playhouse Writing Classes & Coaching http://www.julesnyquist.com Sent from my iPhone



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