Notes | 29 April 2017

Poetry and literary websites that are new to me:

Please take time to read and then follow all submission guidelines. Some publications have demographic or geographic limitations. Some charge submission fees.

Well. It snowed here this morning and is snowing as I type this.  Bother. I placed all my winter clothes in storage and must retrieve an item or two from the cedar chest.

To those of you who attended my feature at the Fixed & Free reading here in Albuquerque, thank you for your support.  It was a good evening. It did run later than my usual bedtime, but that is a sign of my age and affinity for “early to bed”, not the hour to which the evening went.

President Trump’s first hundred days are over and National Endowment of the Arts and Humanities remains intact for the moment.  I hope the politicians keep in mind that the NEA supported Lin-Manuel Miranda in his effort to get Hamilton up and going.  I doubt a capitalist arts entrepreneur would have taken a chance on a multi-ethnic hip-hop history musical. Please let your legislators know of your support for the arts and the NEA and NEH and keep your fingers crossed they don’t cut those organizations as the have stated they will.  Odd note: the 59 tomahawk cruise missiles fired in retaliation for poison gas attacks at Syria a few weeks back cost as much as the entire 2015 NEA budget. More art! Less missiles! More art! Less missiles! More art! Less missiles!

In my own writing, I feel I am going over the same territory that my poems covered previously.  It is as if I have written everything that is in me and the world has to bring me in the form of muses, and now I am repeating subject and theme out of my daily writing habit.  Do any of you feel this way from time to time or currently with your writing?

Monday is 1 May 2017, May Day, Beltane, a cross quarter if that term is still part of the regular parlance. A time of planting and fertility festivals. Read a sassy poem in public this coming Monday.





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