Notes | 22 April 2017

Hullo readers.

I picked up the word “Hullo” when I recently read out loud “The Hobbit” to Dianne.  Bilbo uses it in place of the very American “Hello.” I adopted it in typing after paying attention to the greetings I issue verbally.  Hullo seems to be a very Kenneth P. Gurney word to say.  We went on for me to read out loud to Dianne all the books of the Lord Of The Ring. Frodo used “hullo” as well. It bothers me, slightly, that hullo is not recognized by spellcheck.

After a pallet cleansing of cheap, trashy, fun novels read to ourselves in secret, I will start reading out loud to Dianne, Kinsella’s book Butterfly Winter.  It is baseball season after all. (Go Cubbies!!! Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!)

This week I finished up three poetry books.  I recommend you purchase them, any or all of them at full price (my highest rating).  Go spend money.  Go spend money you don’t have in the form of credit cards.  Go spend other people’s money, if you know the type of folks who let you get away with that.  Purchase extra copies because you will want to give copies away.  Purchase extra copies even if you don’t know people who like poetry, because you can leave the book behind at a bus stop or restaurant and make someone’s day with the found treasure of poetry. Purchase extra copies for no other reason than to bump the poet’s ego and the Amazon rating for that poetry book.

I am Sorry for Everything in the Whole Entire Universe, by Kyle Flak (recently posted on Watermelon Isotope), published by Gold Wake Press 2017.

Ground, Wind, This Body, by Tina Carlson (also recently posted on Watermelon Isotope), published by University of New Mexico Press 2017.

Whereas [via publisher], by Layli Long Soldier (never ever has appeared in Watermelon Isotope and probably does not know it exists), published by Graywolf Press 2017.

Thinking out loud

I wonder if we should assemble an organization of poetry lovers for the soul purpose of purchasing from Amazon the same poetry book on the same day. We should shoot for five hundred or more members, just to push that book’s sales into the realm of being noticed by the big boy publishers and reviewers. Not exactly “free market” fair trade and all that, but I feel the publishing system is a bit rigged toward the establishment poets with MFAs and wish to tweak the system’s metaphorical nose between thumb and finger (middle finger) with a snap.

I, Kenneth P. Gurney, am a featured reader this approaching Thursday, 27 April, at the Fixed and Free venue in Albuquerque along with poet Stewart Warren.  It will be one of my rare public poetry appearances since my incendiary-ash-making-dust-coating case of “poetry burn out” in 2015.  7pm start.  Held at The Source at 1111 Carlisle Blvd SE, Albuquerque.

A curious pair of mated thrashers has now built three different nests, 2 in our front yard, 1 in our back yard, and have yet to lay any eggs.  I begin to believe they want to be slum nest lords.  Which, if true, they should simply purchase dove nests which are so precarious that calling them nests seems an inaccuracy.  Dove nests should be named “twiggy flat clusters ready to disintegrate at the slightest breeze unless a dove sits upon it things.”

Something I have noticed and wish to pass on if any of you think of starting a blog is that when you link from your blog to Amazon books, Amazon floods your email with advertising fliers on those linked books.  That is fine for the books I have not yet read, but I find it odd their AI is not good enough to recognize that a review, a recommendation in my case, means I have read the book and do not need an advertising fliers in my in box.  This is all part of my love / hate relationship with Amazon.  Why Amazon then?  They are a world wide distributors and about 1/3 of the people who have singed up for this blog are not residents of the USA according to my WordPress statistics numbers.

Have a lovely Earth Day.  I miss Arbor day.  Did the executive calendar officials hide it somewhere on an off-Tuesday when most people think a stroll on a warm, after supper spring evening should end at an ice cream parlor?




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