Kyle Flak | 3 poems

Normal Stupid Moon

normal stupid moon

just rising up

above a normal stupid tree

karate chop to the heart

deluxe turbo vacuum cleaner to the soul

really great fun new christmas movie to the eyes


thanks a lot

normal stupid moon

you really made my day / night / whatever

Hello. I Think You Are Fun.

i don't want to see the world

i just want to sit right here

eating a stupid sandwich

while you are also eating a stupid sandwich

there's something really fancy about this!

your eyes are a luxury

your hips are a vacation

what else is there really to say

it's not even sunny out

i just like the way you look when you're chewing

like you're having a good time

and that's enough

i mean you didn't actually expect me to say anything deep or smart 
     right here, did you

why would i

why would i

there's enough fun in living to make living worthwhile until you 
     can't live anymore

and that's pretty much all i ever wanted to say


A Good Old Fashioned Butt Poem
i put the movie on my butt
but where was my butt
my butt is from the future
it breathes new life into trumpets
a bright new spring day is my butt
if you were at the party, you probably saw my butt
no good life is complete without at least some kind of butt
my butt your butt bill's butt sally's butt the sun's butt the 
     movie's butt
life is so fun + exciting + great that sometimes we forget that we 
     all have butts
i know my butt like i know that butt, the one my lover has right 
     where her butt is
no two butts are the same, every butt is unique and beautiful in 
     some strange and special way
cloud butt robot butt serious butt angry butt loving butt kind butt 
     butter butt smog butt roses butt
one time i fell asleep and my butt did too
good night butts
no, it is not time to party right now, butts; it is time to sleep
may your weariness eventually subside, like a butt that hath turned, 
     eventually, to dust


Kyle Flak is the author of I AM SORRY FOR EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE (Gold Wake Press, 2017), WHAT HANK SAID ON THE BUS (Publishing Genius, 2013) (Winner of the Chris Toll Prize), THE SECRET ADMIRER (Adastra Press, 2010), and HARMONICA DAYS (New Sins Press, 2009). In 2013, he was a finalist for a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship from The Poetry Foundation. In 2015, he was chosen as a “Poet to Notice” by Grandma Moses Press. His writing has recently appeared in Frogpond, Hart House Review, Makeout Creek, Mudfish, Poetry East, Spinning Jenny, Whiskey Island, and various other magazine / anthology type of things. He went to school at Northern Michigan University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

2 thoughts on “Kyle Flak | 3 poems

  1. Thanks for those Ken! I now want to read everything by Kyle Flak. Last night, while you were reading I Am Sorry For Everything in the Whole Entire Universe, you were laughing and that was my first clue to read his work. More laughter in this world!


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