Notes | 15 April 2017

Poetry and literary websites that are new to me:

Please take time to read and then follow all submission guidelines. Some publications have demographic or geographic limitations. Some charge submission fees.

My latest book is Stump Speech, self-published 2015. If you have a poetry book of your own and want to trade, contact me, so we may swap addresses and make the trade happen.

Continuing the interview questions. #11.

     Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or some other sweet?

I am a dark chocolate guy.  Milk chocolate is too sweet.  I doubt white chocolate is chocolate and it does not do much for me.

The Range Cafe’s Life By Chocolate, which is a wildly delicious chocolate mousse, ranks high in my list of sweets I like. I think it has enough calories to fuel a human being for one week, maybe more.

Of late, I am really into dates and Turkish figs.  I probably need to try cutting them up and coating the pieces in dark chocolate.

Dianne makes killer good dark chocolate coated coconut macaroons.  Far superior to any macaroon I have ever purchased from a store or bakery.

An old favorite is sweet potato pie. Hard to find in New Mexico.

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