Notes | 8 April 2017

Poetry and literary websites that are new to me:

Please take time to read and then follow all submission guidelines. Some publications have demographic or geographic limitations. Some charge submission fees.

My latest book is Stump Speech, self-published 2015. If you have a poetry book of your own and want to trade, contact me, so we may swap addresses and make the trade happen.

Continuing the interview questions. #10.

If you could be present at any moment in history as a safe observer or unsafe participant, what event would you visit and why?

My knee-jerk reaction to the question is Ford’s Theater on the evening of 14 April 1865 to prevent John Wilkes Booth from assassinating President Lincoln.  I believe we would have a much different country if Lincoln’s hand guided reconstruction and the first four years of emancipation.

For the poetry reference, I would like to have seen Tinkers, Evers and Chance turn a double play live and in person at West Side Park in Chicago in the year the poem was published (1910).

For the raw beauty, I would like to visit North America before Europeans arrived and have enough time to wander the whole country on foot.  So let’s say 1480 to give me a 12 year walkabout, hoping the natives or nature did not kill off me along the way.

For music, I think I would have liked to have attended Peter, Paul and Mary’s Washington Monument concert rather than Woodstock.



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