Larry Goodell | Interview

Kenneth P. Gurney. Tells us how you started in poetry? What age?

Larry Goodell. About 18 after start in music study.

KPG. What is your favorite breakfast?

LG. Organic Greek Yogurt and Blueberries from Costco.

KPG. Does your university degree influence your writing of poetry and how?

LG. Intensely varied subjects help with diversity of interests now.

KPG. Is there any endeavor that you are passionate about outside of poetry? How does it enrich you?

LG. Keyboard improvisation, doing poetry videos for Youtube, original music and audio poetry on Bandcamp etc.  Drawing, painting sticks, active Facebook posting and blogging.

KPG. Tell about one of your favorite poetry experiences.

LG. Hearing Drum Hadley read and sing in Albuquerque in 1979, later converting reel to reel tape to digital and putting out cd’s.

KPG. Do you have a connection to the American Civil War? Relative who served? Visited a battlefield and have a story?

LG. Grandma Goodell was DAR so yes.

KPG. If you could wave a magic wand and place a poetry book into every high school english classroom as required reading, which one would it be and why?

LG. Judy Grahn [poetry foundation], Common Woman. Good tight poems but with wordplay and tolerance.

KPG. Recommend a poetry (or literary) website that you frequent.

LG. Unlikely Stories.

KPG. What is your favorite National Park? Why?

LG. Sequoia probably.

KPG. Please tell about a dream that you work toward achieving at this time.

LG. Getting the best of my life work published (20 some odd books at least).

KPG. If there is a little known poet you think everyone should read, who is that poet and suggest one book of theirs we should purchase?

LG. Latif Harris, Barter Within the Bark of Trees, duende press 2015. Yes I published it but it has his older poems plus new Buddhist unusual poems and it just got a Pen Award.

KPG. If you could be present at any moment in history as a safe observer or unsafe participant, what event would you visit and why?

LG. 1955 Ginsberg’s first reading of Howl.

KPG. What reoccurring themes or personal experience have you noticed in your poetry over the years?

LG. Influx of the unexpected.

KPG. Red, Green or Christmas on your Huevos Rancheros?

LG. Both but I don’t call it Xmas.

Larry Goodell’s 3 poems


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