Poetry and literary websites that are new to me:

Please take time to read and then follow all submission guidelines. Some publications have demographic or geographic limitations. Some charge submission fees.

Three of my poems were posted this past week at Anti-Heroin Chic.

My poem Hour Before The Ferry was published in the Winter 2017 issue of Bond Street Review, a PDF publication.

Dianne recently pointed out to me LibriVox, a website with public domain audio books, some of which are classic poetry books. The website seeks people to be readers and create audio book files as well as providing the audio book files for listeners.

Poet Harry Baker at TED.

I finished Vauxhall (2008) by Catherine Daly this week. I found the poetry intellectually interesting as she creatively describes a variety of items, sports, words, animals, and so on, but emotionally unmoving. Rated: worth half-price (a.k.a. used price).

Continuing the interview questions. #4.

Is there any endeavor that you are passionate about outside of poetry? How does it enrich you?

My passions for baseball, bicycling and the American Civil War have faded from of being passions over the years and moved more to hobbies or interests or joys.  This is largely due to age reducing my energy and activity levels.  I do not pursue them like in the past, as I would define a passion.

I would say at this point in my life, I feel love for certain people, endeavors and causes, but I do not feel passionate about them.  I think as I found mental/spiritual equilibrium and wisdom over the years, the intensity that motivates feelings to a level that could be described as passion has vanished from me.

Bicycling still enriches me in that I find a meditative state after a few miles pedaling.  I once had the fortune to take a “mid-life crisis” bicycle journey that was just shy of 2000 miles long. My friend Bob Hurley and I packed our bicycles onto Amtrack to Seattle.  From there we bicycled down to the trans-America bike trail at Astoria, WA and then along the trail to Yellowstone National Park and then on to Caspar, WY.  I lost track of all time during the trip.  I knew the position of the sun and whether my belly told me it was time to eat, but days of the week, hours, minutes meant nothing.  Along the way, we saw every major land animal of the US except a mountain lion. Some of the animal encounters, like with a buffalo, we experienced within arms reach or at a few yards.

When I was passionate about the Civil War, I sought an answer to the question how did the participants find the courage to face conflict, the insanity of battle, death. (Eventually civil war historian James McPherson wrote For Cause & Comrades to answer this question for himself). When I went to the battlefields I felt the ghosts and could slip through time to be there—which was probably a romantic way of stating my imagination could place me in the mix and fill my senses with the reality. Now my study of the Civil War is familiar and comfortable habit, I think.

After an accident caused an injury that ended my ability to play baseball, baseball fell out of importance. It was playing the game, the physicality of the game that I loved and drove me to play it 5 times a week in city and town leagues, to memorize seasons of stats for major league players and know every player on every team. The team work involved in being successful at baseball was special, too. How sacrificing one’s own statistics by hitting behind the runner to advance him (or her) was rewarded by high-fives in the dugout. In baseball, and other team sports, you are all in it together or you lose.

Now, I find hearing people’s life stories enriches me. Few things better than a glass of ice tea (or coffee for you people of the bean) and sharing life stories of our lives. Learn poeple’s real experiences and what lessons they harvested from those experiences. Learn where overlap gives us something to in common, a bond, whether to build upon or simply acknowledge that bond.

Today, I find being Dianne’s partner the most enriching of my activities. Doing my part of the household chores, hiking together, reading books to her out loud in the evening, sharing our hours together and the other tasks life places in front of us.


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