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Poet Suheir Hammad performs two spoken-word pieces from TED.

My poem I Remember #02 was recently posted at Mad Swirl.

Continuing to answer the interview questions one per week.

What is your favorite breakfast?

Before breakfast, I drink a cup of Earl Grey tea while I check the news on the computer now that we are post-newspaper.  I own no understanding of the appeal of coffee and never touch the stuff. I know I am in the minority on the coffee issue, especially at diners like The Owl  or Denny’s.

The breakfast that I eat most often is apple slices with almond butter spread on them. The apple may be a Fuji, Pink Lady, Gala, Royal Gala, Braeburn, Golden Delicious or Granny Smith depending on what is in the house or in season at the market and my morning mood.  The apple will never be a Red Delicious or a McIntosh. The almond butter is the fresh ground variety, not the jarred mass market types that add palm oil. If there is no almond butter, almonds do nicely.  At the bemusement of Dianne, I regularly have a radish or two topped with almond butter as well as the apple. A square or three of dark chocolate finishes it off.

The breakfast I cook, when I cook a breakfast, is browning some sliced potatoes (usually Yukon Gold potatoes, though the purple potatoes are good too) in a fry pan with olive oil. I then add small amount garlic and a handful of spinach leaves so the spinach is cooked by the time the potatoes are brown.  To this I add two eggs over easy.  I usually make this breakfast on days I go to the gym to lift weights. Oh, yeah. One to three squares of dark chocolate is eaten at the end of the meal.

My favorite breakfast, which  I rarely prepare, is a veggie, coconut, pineapple, and ham 3-egg omelette with dark chocolate shavings to melt over the outer layer of egg.  When younger I would add cheese to this concoction, usually Swiss cheese, but age has removed cheese from my edible inventory, even if I take lactose pills.

Once or twice a year, I will drop by The Range for life by chocolate smothered in scrambled eggs for breakfast.  That usually freaks out the waitress and anyone sitting near me.  This practice is left over from my youth. In high school I read a story for class where the main characters, four parent-less teen boys, always had chocolate cake and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I tried it out once at college, liked it and would eat it once a week. Oh, in a pinch, a Suzie-Q can substitute for chocolate cake.

You noticed dark chocolate is part of each of my at-home selections for breakfast. I once thought of dark chocolate as a wild card food, where you could declare dark chocolate to be a dark green leafy vegetable or an unusual root like a turnip or parsnip to fill out the four food groups for the day.  All of that sort of talk was a simple rationalization to eat more dark chocolate. My favorite dark chocolate for breakfast or desert or snack or after dinner with dry red wine is Chocolove brand’s Strong Dark Chocolate 70% coca.  (Chocolove wrappers include a love poem on the inside.)

— Kenneth P. Gurney

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