Jules Nyquist | 3 poems

Moon Landing

camping with my parents in a Minnesota State Park
age seven with my younger brother
playing in dirt, we had a campfire

clear night of stars, we could see the moon
bright and white
someone brought a small TV

got an extension cord and plugged it into the men’s room outlet
rested it on the picnic table
for all to watch

crowd gathered, fellow campers
a glimpse of the other world of man in space
I look up at the moon to see if anything has changed

on our basement TV at home, re-run a thousand times
I was fascinated that I might be alive
for space travel and moon tourism

school art project with construction paper,
scissors and glue would take me
anywhere I wanted.

espanol/ingles – Spanish/English

uno, dos, one word at a time
struggling to read, pronounce
my mind working behind the words
to categorize, box up, identify
words separate in a flood of
alphabet, pictures, pantomime
no nuances, no perspective at this point. Punta.

I am in kindergarten again all grown-up
experiencing to expand in songs on the radio
with only words of love and longing breaking through

then….ingles…pours out as a river, understood
without thinking, overwhelms 
I don’t want to be immersed in the familiar yet
as I pick the right nuance
a thesaurus of choices, each one striving to be perfect.

I go back to my espanol taria, homework
where we compare the many variations of estado civil:
casado, soltero, divorciado, vivdo, separado, union libre
in masculine and feminine seeking genders to match
in holy matrimony.
in Mexico there is only casado and soltero, no more, no less.


or will clouds
to cover
her &
the blue wind
gather at her

shoulders she
reads Erica Jong under cloudy
skies, wind
popping clusters
of couples together &
under cover

of trees over
muted windy
professors lecture &
she’ll never get clouds
of science bluster
to unwind

her windy 
classmates, undercover
crushes fish cluster
in schools girls unlike her
all clouded
with mascara &

lip gloss &
faces to the winding
long road of Beatles cloud
bearing songs to cover 
scratched heart, she

by herself, clustering
couples under &
below trees under her
favorite branches water wind
around her cover
homeroom clouds

endless cluster of names her
body cloudy &
small covering wild wind


Jules Nyquist is the founder of Jules’ Poetry Playhouse, LLC, a place for poetry and play in Albuquerque, NM. Jules teaches creative writing and poetry classes and hosts poetry readings with visiting writers. She took her MFA in Writing and Literature from Bennington College, VT. Her two books of poems, Behind the Volcanoes and Appetites (Beatlick Press), were finalists for the NM/AZ Book Awards.  Jules’ poems have appeared in 5 AM, Salamander, Malpais Review, Adobe Walls, A View from the Loft, St. Paul Almanac, Long Islander News, Gray Sparrow, House Organ, Duke City Fix, Café Review and others.  Her favorite poetry form is the sestina. She was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and moved to Albuquerque on spring equinox, 2011.  Her website is www.julesnyquist.com

One thought on “Jules Nyquist | 3 poems

  1. Jules, “Espanol/Ingles” was a great read, thanks: The ending lines about the masculine and feminine
    endings (so to speak) was thought provoking and quite witty: I have traveled Mexico since 1970 and accompanied each of my three wives there, separately of course.


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