Jim Nye | 3 poems

Flash Point

His sun was war.
He orbited in its heat and light,
and to him its glory.
Of course he flew too close.....
And scorched he fell,
his ashes his epitaph,
forever circling us,
as we remembered
  how brightly he burned.

Another Brick In The Wall

My name, hell, my name doesn’t matter.
I died on January 30, 1968, outside of
Du Lap when a RPG round hit the
wall next to me.
I’m asking you to undo that thing.
I’ve been dead a long time now.
I’ve watched my wife and kids
grow up and old without me,
my parents die.
I’m kinda stuck here, there must
be some mistake.
C’mon, lets go back.
Move me a couple of feet to
the left or to the right.
Please. I am.... was ...a good guy.
Don’t you people have some some kind
of save, or re-do?
Not me.

Take It To Heart

He’d been at it for years.
A staff sergeant pared down
     to muscle and bone.
In a bar with a trio of Philippine girls
singing off key rock and roll,
prancing like demented ponies.
He plunked a beer down,
Leaned in,
     You’re too fuckin’ nice.
     Some day you’ll hesitate to shoot.
     And we’ll all say
     He was a really nice guy.
Then he turned and left.

jim_nyeJim Nye went through OCS, subsequently served with 1st Battalion, 3rd Infantry (Honor Guard) in Washington D.C., and the 101st Airborne Division and 5th Special Forces (MACSOG) in Vietnam.

Cinco Puntos Press published a collection of his works in Aftershock; Poems And Prose From the Vietnam War. His poems have been published in: A Measured Response; Off The Record; Puerto Del Sol; American War Story, From Both Sides Now, Adobe Walls, Santa Fe Literary Review and works of criticism: Der Kreig In Der Amerikanichen Literature, Memories Of A Lost War, and Dismantling Glory. After leaving the army he graduated from the University of Tampa and Dickinson School of Law. He is married to Joan with one daughter, Jennifer, married to Adam, and two grandchildren, Lucy and Asher.

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