Dodici Azpadu | 3 poems

A Public Place

Here a public place
nothing hidden. Still 
it is secreted
in a rocky crack
where oddities miss
and fit. Some die of 
some aesthetics some 
soft sex. Boulders edge
path to ideas no 
one certifies as
entertainment. Sleep 
deprived. Some run head
long into mistakes.
Some slog into night
blindness no one had
indignation or
time for this nonsense.

Veiled Threat

A screen grays blue sky
beyond wide window

Meditation tricks
eyes seeing incense

smoke and dust as waves
particles. Gray ill

luminates gray’s ways.

An enamel tray tops 
a worn wicker chair. 

Tessellating weave 
weathered agitating  

the eye. Another day  
waiting on concrete 

balcony metal  
railings. Fossilized breath.

Closely Watched

Closely watched nothing happened today.
From sun up to sunset nothing— 
unless you count sunset, occurring 
in New Mexico. Nothing 
has gone according to plan.

Celebrations broke out
marking spontaneous confusion
without the rhyme of computer
generated chaos. If it was 
too cute you took it out.

Climbing out crabwise
along the umbilical cord,
a mother kisses off nothing 
in particular into bright light. 
No wonder you take your time.

She’s had it with you. One way
is a pronounced frown
though everything is accounted for.

Dodici Azpadu has published poetry in national and international literary magazines, and anthologies for over 50 years. The author of several chapbooks, her most recent book of poetry is Wearing the Phantom Out. She also teaches a course in the Joy of Poetry for UNM (OLLI). For more information visit her website.


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