6 Pointers

What is the most underrated American poem? Click here. I did not know this type of thing was debated in the poetry world, but a 5 Nov 2016 post at a Ploughshares blog takes it up.

If you are into collective poetry, submit a line to Tupelo Press’s Million Line Poem.

This weekend Dianne and I went to see the movie Arrival. It is a 2 mile walk to the theater and on the first mile back home after the movie we were mostly silent with periodic “Wows!” uttered.  I highly recommend seeing it.

One of the literary websites that I send poetry to is Lowestoft Chronicle.

Yesterday’s interview with Robert Arthur Reeves brought up Ginsberg and I linked to a wikipedia page about him, but there is also The Allen Ginsberg Project to reference.

A new literary publication to consider submitting work to is AMP – hosted by Hofstra University Department of English.

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