Poetry and literary websites that are new to me: Islanded Quarterly (Jersey - Channel Islands) Berlin Quarterly (Germany) The Broke Bohemian (USA) La Presa (International) Lemon Quarterly (USA) The Orchards Poetry Journal (USA) RIT•U•Al (USA) Sooth Swarm Journal (New Zealand) Please take time to read and then follow all submission guidelines. Some publications have demographic … Continue reading Notes

Dale Harris | Interview

Kenneth P. Gurney. What got you started into poetry? What age? Dale Harris: As a child, I read poetry hungrily. My grandparent’s house had a good if antiquated library. So I cut my teeth on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, W.B. Yeats, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Those rhymes and meters worked their way … Continue reading Dale Harris | Interview

Katherine Seluja | Interview

Kenneth P. Gurney. Tells us how you started in poetry? What age? Katherine DiBella Seluja. I started in poetry at age seven when I began piano lessons. Fifteen years of classical music study laid rhythm and meter down into my bones. KPG. What is your favorite sandwich? KDS. Grilled cheese and green chile. KPG. Does … Continue reading Katherine Seluja | Interview

Katherine Seluja | 3 poems

Seduced from the branch to escape a life   plunge deep within the loam threads of gold woven through her hair a girl with silver slippers and desire something to soothe the cool nights the ash and brittle tile something to declare no matter what the others   lift the cloth and see no disguise … Continue reading Katherine Seluja | 3 poems


Poetry and literary websites that are new to me: The Rove Magazine (USA) Hamilton Arts & Letters Magazine (Canada) 8-West Press (USA) Communicators League (Nigeria) Girls Right the World (USA) Grey Borders Magazine (Canada) Highland Park Poetry Challenge (USA) fees Mortar Magazine (USA) fees Scoundrel Time (USA) The Seventh Wave (USA) fees Please take time … Continue reading Notes